23 June ‘22

MMK Hosts Its Third Major Conference on Software Robotics

PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works is hosting a major conference on software robotics, organised in cooperation with MMK-Informservice and the Next Robotics Technology Centre (based at MMK-Informservice, an MMK subsidiary).

The conference, titled “RPA Connect: Reboot,” is devoted to the application of robotic process automation (RPA) technology. It is the third such conference on RPA hosted by MMK and taking place on June 23-24, 2022 in Magnitogorsk on the grounds of the Sunrise eco-hotel (Bannoe Lake). The event brings together more than 100 experts representing leading enterprises from various industries and economic sectors.

Among the topics that experts will discuss during the plenary session and working sections are the issues of import substitution in RPA and migration to domestic solutions; changing technologies in information security amid growing threats; and state support for domestic IT companies. Successful cases in the sphere of robotisation will also be presented at the event.

Representatives of MMK, which has become one of the Russian industry leaders in the field of software robotisation, will also share their experience in implementing RPA projects. MMK has been developing this area since 2018, with robotisation already implemented across all major functions at the plant. The Next Robotics Technology Centre, which is the main supplier of RPA solutions at MMK Group, has implemented dozens of major projects and created hundreds of software robots to date. The Company now offers a number of comprehensive RPA turnkey solutions, whose main advantages include their ability to operate around the clock, as well as their high execution speed, the elimination of errors and human-factor influence, the availability of a digital footprint and low cost.

A detailed description of the conference, including content, speakers and topics of discussion, is available at the conference website https://rpanext.ru/conference/.

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