How to become
a supplier

MMK values your interest in mutually beneficial collaboration and is always open to dialogue about all any problems that arise, one way or another, during interaction at any stage of cooperation, from conducting tenders to selecting suppliers and concluding contracts to fulfilling contractual relations.

In this section, we try to highlight in as much detail as possible some of the most important – from our point of view – aspects of the procurement process based on the questions most frequently asked by counterparties.

Supplier selection procedures

MMK has two procedures for selecting suppliers, which are carried out openly in accordance with the conditions posted for the procedure in question:

In order to take part in an auction, you need to familiarise yourself with the auction regulations for and register. To enter the electronic trading platform (ETP), click on the button below.


No commercial offers may be accepted after the completion of the supplier selection procedure.

Any offers received after the completion of the procedure will be considered only for procurement in future periods.

This position is essential and ensures transparency and fairness when choosing suppliers. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we ask that you pay particular attention to the deadlines for submitting bids.

If there is insufficient time to prepare an offer, you can always notify the organiser of the auction about the need for an extension. To do this, post a notification in the form of an interactive message in the relevant section on the electronic trading platform.

Priorities when choosing suppliers
  • In the event that the participants offer otherwise equal terms, preference shall be given to the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s trading house.
  • If both the manufacturer of the materials and equipment and a merchant offering more suitable payment terms than the manufacturer’s offer, at the same cost for the materials and equipment, take part in the procedure, priority shall be given to the manufacturer (shall be recognised as the winner);
  • If one manufacturer and merchants take part in competitive procedures, preference shall be given to the manufacturer
Supplier selection criteria

Cost-related evaluation criteria (weight: 80%)

  • Contract price
  • Expenses for the operation and repair of the procured item;
  • Life-cycle cost in the event of the purchase of goods, subsequent maintenance (operation) during the service life, repair, disposal (if necessary); Evaluation criteria unrelated to costs (weight: 20%)
  • Qualitative, functional and environmental characteristics of the procured item, product compliance with legislative and other regulatory requirements
  • Suppliers’ qualifications, including the availability of financial resources, equipment and other material resources that belong to said suppliers on the basis of ownership rights or another legal basis; work experience related to the subject matter of the contract; availability of specialists and other workers with a certain level of qualifications; permits applicable to their activities regarding the development and production of products; where or not a quality management system (ISO 9001) is in place

Procedure for concluding contracts based on the results of supplier selection procedures

After agreeing on the results of an electronic auction, the winner shall be notified by e-mail; the notification shall include a proposal to conclude an agreement on the terms outlined in the winning commercial offer, and it shall also include the buyer’s contact information (sample notification).

To conclude a supply contract in the event of winning an auction, a Supplier must undergo a verification procedure, for which it must provide the following documents:

  • a copy of the certificate of state registration of the legal entity;
  • a copy of its taxpayer registration certificate;
  • for activities requiring such confirmation, copies of certificates, permits and licenses to carry out certain activities;
  • a copy of its ISO 9001 certification (if available);
  • a dealer agreement / distribution agreement / dealer/distributor certification / authorised partner / agency agreement / commission agreement signed by an authorised representative of the manufacturer (for dealers);
  • documents confirming the actual seat of the legal entity – certificate of ownership, lease/sublease agreement (for dealers and merchants);
  • copies of documents of title confirming the availability of warehousing and/or retail premises – a document of ownership / lease agreement or other document (for wholesale and retail trade enterprises).

The verification is conducted by the appropriate services of PJSC MMK. In the event of a negative verification, PJSC MMK reserves the right not to enter into an agreement with the company in question.

If, following the auction, the Bidder refuses to conclude a supply contract on the terms proposed by said Bidder, the Bidder’s rating will be downgraded, which will be taken into account in the future when deciding whether or not to conclude a contract.

Payment terms
  • PJSC MMK purchases products on condition of payment within 60 days from the date of delivery;
  • Payment is made automatically except in cases with terms other than those indicated (60 days from the date of delivery).

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