Electronic services
for suppliers

In working with suppliers, MMK makes it possible to use special electronic services that simplify the interaction process: electronic document flow, factoring for suppliers, a mobile application and chat bots.

Electronic document exchange

Diadoc electronic document management service

PJSC MMK works through Diadoc, the first service in Russia for managing the exchange of legally binding electronic documents between countries.
Electronic documents signed by a qualified electronic signature are legally binding and are equal in every way to paper documents.
The legal validity of the international electronic document exchange system is guaranteed for Russian parties by Articles 6 and 7 of Federal Law FZ-63 (and by the signing of the corresponding tripartite agreement)

Using Diadoc with foreign partners offers the following benefits:

  • The ability to send an unlimited number of documents through Diadoc
  • A reduction in costs compared with international express delivery for paper documents
  • Fast receipt of return documents. All of your original documents are available through Diadoc
  • Fast receipt of powers of attorney
  • Fast provision of new documents when goods arrive at warehouses


Electronic document management presentation

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Diadoc electronic document management service

The use of factoring in payments for supplied products or services rendered enables the efficient management of accounts receivable.
PJSC MMK invites Suppliers to use the Factoring for Suppliers service. The service is an online platform for electronic document exchange between a supplier, a factor and a buyer and operates on the Kontur.Factoring electronic platform.

Advantages of the service

  • Tripartite digital work format: receipt and signing of notifications, creation and verification of registers
  • Electronic document exchange between the supplier, buyer and factor
  • Ability to integrate with ERP systems
  • Access to the electronic platform from any mobile device

How the service works

Signed notifications
Signing of a notification
Signing of a notification
Delivery confirmation
Signing the register
Financing payment
Kontur. Factoring
Provision of primary documents


Service "Factoring for suppliers"

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Discount negotiation service for supplier invoice payments made earlier than the contractual deadline stipulated by the contract for the supply of goods, services and/or works

The advantages of the service

  • no intermediaries between the buyer and the supplier
  • the contractual documentation is generated by the Platform
  • transparent discount calculation mechanism: invoice amount
  • multiplied by the interest rate (annual %) multiplied by the number of days calculated as the date of payment minus the auction date, divided by the number of days in the year
  • payment on the same day basis
  • electronic document management
  • ability to integrate with ERP systems
  • access to dynamic discount platform service from any mobile device
  • free connection and use of the Platform when connected as a supplier

How the service works

  • fill in the Supplier Questionnaire, send it to any contact below
  • sign the Agreement on cooperation when fulfilling monetary obligations using the Platform (to be executed as an additional agreement to the current Supply Agreement with MMK)
  • log in to the Platform
  • receive notification about loading of the invoice on the Platform and start of the auction
  • take part in the auction
  • if the amount of the bonus has been agreed upon, at the end of the trading day download from the Platform the Supplementary Agreement and the Certificate of Bonus Granting and send it to PJSC MMK
  • receive the payment
  • at the end of the month the bonus and the unpaid part of the invoice are settled by offsetting


Supplier questionnaire

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Сontacts for signing documents to establish a connection to the platform

Smirnova Tatiana Aleksandrovna

Sagitova Dilara Maratovna

Сontacts for technical support for the KPMG platform

If the information provided in the Supplier’s Questionnaire meets the criteria required to make an early payment using the Platform, you will be sent an Interaction Agreement for discharging monetary obligations using the Platform. Connection to the Platform is made by KPMG, the Platform Owner, upon signing the Interaction Agreement for discharging monetary obligations using the Platform.


MMK Supplier application

This application is an extension of PJSC MMK’s electronic trading platform, which offers new opportunities for suppliers of feedstocks, materials and equipment.
The launch of the updated electronic trading platform and new resources on PJSC MMK’s corporate website is one stage in the implementation of the company’s policy on transparency and openness for the development of partnerships between PJSC MMK and suppliers.

The MMK Supplier application
makes it possible

  • to log in via SMS, email or a PJSC MMK ETP user account
  • to receive news about PJSC MMK’s ETP promptly and on a regular basis
  • to review PJSC MMK’s current needs for material and technical resources
  • to remain informed about ongoing and new auctions and tenders, and to be able to download any documentation related to the procedure
  • to receive information on contracts, deliveries and invoices
  • Newsfeed and notifications about the launch of auctions

The application is available for both Android and iOS. To install the MMK Supplier application on a mobile device, the following services must be used:
  • For Android devices — GooglePlay
  • For devices running the iOS operating system — AppStore

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