Personnel development and support

At MMK, we prioritise employee support by providing social benefits to incentivise personnel and by increasing the benefits package annually across the eleven areas defined in MMK’s Social Policy.

PJSC MMK spends about RUB 630 million on social benefits, while the respective spending for the MMK Group totals RUB 1.2 billion.


MMK is committed to creating social security and comfortable working conditions for its employees.
In 2020, the Company’s spending on employee social programmes amounted to $17 million, with the bulk of the funds allocated to healthcare and prevention programmes, as well as resort and health centre packages for employees. In 2020, 9,141 people, including 7,007 employees and 2,134 family members, undertook health improvement programmes at resorts and health centres. The average social package cost per Group employee was $331.50.
The Company runs a number of internal social programmes for employees and their families:
— Life and health insurance, medical treatment and healthcare services
— Health centres for employees and their families
— Countryside health retreats for employees’ children
— Healthy lifestyle programs
— Large cultural events
— Opportunities for better housing
— Support for large families, mothers and fathers
— Support for retirees and disabled people
— Provision of meals.
In addition to the above programmes, MMK provides: disability payments, compensation for emotional distress following a workplace accident, and information required to arrange for payment of state benefits from the Social Insurance Fund in the event of an employee’s disability. All Group employees are covered by voluntary health insurance (VHI). The Company reimburses up to 85% of the cost of rehabilitation and treatment at MMK’s resorts and health centres to employees’ family members.
The Company also runs health improvement programmes. In addition, MMK organises sports and cultural events, with 218 sports and 307 cultural events held in 2020.

We promote healthy lifestyle by improving the quality of healthcare, recreational, cultural, and sports services and making them more accessible.

MMK takes a comprehensive stance towards minimising the employee morbidity rate. This effort spans various areas: improving the quality of medical services delivered by the Autonomous Not-For-Profit Organisation (ANO) Central Clinical Medical and Sanitary Unit, enhancing preventive healthcare through MMK's in-house medical posts and the on-site outpatient clinic, including administering vaccines and vitamins, and ensuring comfortable workplaces in line with sanitary requirements.

Health resort treatment for employees and their families has been traditionally the most popular healthy lifestyle service. Annually, about half of MMK’s employees and their families take advantage of health resort treatment, with up to 80% of the total expenses covered by the Company.

The MMK Group offers a variety of recreation opportunities for its employees, including all-year-round trips to Metallurg-Magnitogorsk and Abzakovo Ski Centre, and summer rafting in scenic locations of Bashkortostan.

All of these programmes are sponsored by MMK.

  • Competitions encompassing 19 winter and summer sports among the divisions of the MMK Group.

  • Over 700 managers take part in the competitions on a regular basis, acting as a role model and making a strong case in favour of active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Over 10,000 people annually participate in sports events held by the Company’s divisions and subsidiaries at Metallurg-Magnitogorsk Ski Centre.


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