Best Supplier

The introduction of the “Best Supplier” award is an initiative of PJSC MMK to recognise and encourage suppliers’ efforts and achievements, and to encourage them to implement programmes aimed at the continuous improvement of their activities.

Relationships with suppliers are one of the key aspects of the successful development of any company; therefore, PJSC MMK systematically evaluates the effectiveness of this cooperation:

  • Suppliers are rated every quarter based on their deliveries
  • On-site technical audits of manufacturers are carried out
  • Open Day meetings are arranged
  • The best suppliers are recognised for their flawless work in the “Best Supplier” competition

“Best Supplier” competition

The annual “Best Supplier” competition has already become a tradition at PJSC MMK. Within the framework of the competition, a commission is put together made up of representatives of the Commercial Department; the commission analyses the supply of materials and equipment over the preceding year by the companies with the highest ratings and chooses the best ones.

Evaulations are carried out based on the following criteria:

  • the quality of the product supplied;
  • the demand for and attractiveness of the product;
  • the best price;
  • the innovative, scientific and technical component of the provided goods and services;
  • focus on the consumer;
  • compliance with contractual delivery dates;
  • volumes supplied.

Each winning company makes a huge contribution to PJSC MMK’s operations; we have been collaborating with many of these companies for decades.

Competition winners — 2019
Номинация Поставщик
1 Угольный концентрат ПАО «Южный Кузбасс»
2 Агломерационное сырьё АО «Богословское рудоуправление»
3 Огнеупоры ООО «Учебно-испытательный центр Теплострой»
4 Кабельная продукция ООО «Хелукабель Руссия»
5 Горюче-смазочные материалы и топливо ООО «ЛЛК-Интернешнл»
6 Валки ЗАО «МЗПВ»
7 Технологическое оборудование и запчасти ООО «Объединенная сервисная компания»
8 Техническое обслуживание и ремонт автотракторной техники ООО «АТУ»
9 Экспертиза промышленной безопасности ООО «ТехноГарант»
10 Энергетическое оборудование АО «Благовещенский арматурный завод»
11 Инвестиционные проекты SMS GROUP GMBH
12 Резинотехнические изделия АО «Курская фабрика технических тканей»
13 Контрольно-измерительные приборы ООО «Хераеус Электро-Найт»

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