17 September ‘21

Victor Rashnikov lays first stone of Attraction project

The ceremony took place on what will be the central entrance of the multifunctional Attraction Park. Prior to the stone laying, participants surveyed the progress of infrastructure construction around the site of Attraction Park. Afterwards, Victor Rashnikov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MMK, Sergey Berdnikov, Mayor of Magnitogorsk, Pavel Shilyaev, MMK CEO and Vitaly Bakhmetyev, Deputy of the Russian State Duma, left a commemorative plaque with their signatures on the stone. The symbolic first stone was placed into the perimeter formwork to the roar of the construction machinery's klaxons, and the ceremony participants each threw in a shovel of concrete.

According to Victor Rashnikov, Attraction Park will be completed by 2025. “I am confident that this area will be unrecognisable four years fr om now. We already plan to launch the first parts of the park next year. The park will be an extremely interesting, comfortable and convenient space for city residents, wh ere everyone will be able to discover new opportunities for recreation, entertainment and maintaining an active lifestyle. Attraction Park will become a postcard for the city, and an attractive place for both residents and visitors to Magnitogorsk,” - Victor Rashnikov noted.

The comprehensive development of roughly 400 hectares is envisaged within the context of the project’s realisation. A year-round, multifunctional park space with a complex of buildings will be created here, occupying a total area of roughly 100 thousand sq. m. Educational, recreational, public, business, sports and events facilities, as well as museums, hotels and parks will all be located on the site.

Key facilities in the new park include a museum and educational complex, a children's indoor theme park, a 50m swimming pool and fitness centre, an indoor ice rink and freestyle arena (within the sports centre) and a 4-star hotel. In addition, there will be a landscaped park area with playgrounds for children and a lake with a beach area and promenade.

Construction work on the site of the project is currently underway to prepare the territory for engineering and laying the intra-site utilities. To date, 5.75 km of water pipes and 3.13 km of wastewater pipes have been installed and laid as part of this work. A total of 24.5 km of the electricity supply network, including 34 electrical wells, have been constructed. A 4.8 MW green electric substation was constructed to provide electricity for the construction site and first stage facilities. In addition, the gas distribution station and the gas pipeline network running through the area have been reconstructed. Construction of a 2 km irrigation water pipeline along the Michurina gardening community has been completed, and work is nearing completion on the installation of a 1.3 km irrigation water pipeline on the project site for the Michurina gardening community.

The most extensive work was carried out during the engineering preparation and construction of the first and second stages of the 1.5 km long "Boulevard" project along Sovetskaya Street. 215 thousand sq. m. of soil has been excavated, 456 thousand sq. m. of cinder rubble has been poured, 400 m of utility covers have been installed and 1.3 km of various pipelines have been laid. Reinforced concrete containers are now being installed for future green spaces. The volume of investment in the engineering preparation of the site has so far amounted to about RUB 500 million.

At the same time, construction and reconstruction of perimeter roads of the Attraction project is underway, which will help relieve the load on the city's main roads and reduce the number of traffic jams during rush hours. A total of RUB 1.4 billion has been allocated for these purposes from the federal budget as part of the ‘Safe and High-Quality Motorways’ national project in 2020 and 2021. In July 2021, a new 4-lane road, Prityazhennaya Street, stretching a total of 3.16 km, was launched. The reconstruction of several other sections of streets and roads around Attraction’s site is nearing completion. Car parks are being built for city residents and future visitors to the park with 2,155 parking spaces and a total area of more than 70 thousand sq. m.

The first phase of the Attraction project will be launched in the summer of 2022. There will be a central entrance area with a fountain and the first phase of the Boulevard, which will be about 500 m long. The first phase of the 23-hectare park, with paths and green areas, an information centre and a food mall will also open. In addition, there will be a central playground with a recreation area for parents and a roller park, unparalleled in the region, which will be transformed into an ice rink in winter.

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