08 February ‘23

MMK’s Career Guidance Project for Children Receives National Recognition


The career guidance programme offered by the MMK Children’s Wellness and Education Centre received one of the highest awards at a national best-practices competition for organisations working in the area of career choice support, as well as the development of scientific and technical creativity and innovation among children and adolescents.

The competition, which saw the participation of 179 educators from 35 regions of Russia, is an initiative of Russia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It was organised by the STANKIN Moscow State University of Technology with support from the Kruzhok Association.

Oleg Zakirov, Oksana Savelyeva, Polina Miroshina, Konstantin Savelyev and Maria Pushkarskaya, the project developers from the MMK Children’s Wellness and Education Park, were named the winners in the category for innovative career guidance for children. Their project featured interactive workshops on metallurgical careers at MMK for children aged 10–17 years who were taking part in children’s wellness camps hosted by MMK.

The programme, which takes place at MMK’s Ural Youth and Mountain Gorge children’s wellness centres during the summer holidays, gives children an opportunity to learn about the latest in-demand professions at Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, the backbone enterprise in Magnitogorsk. The programme’s main partner is the Personnel Corporate Training Centre, represented by the head of its information centre and resident tour guides. The career guidance events are organised by the Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, the Magnitogorsk Pedagogical College, the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works Museum, MMK’s main trade union, and the Union of Young Metallurgists, a Magnitogorsk-based civic organisation.

The pedagogical team and the project developers see their goal as creating the conditions necessary for children to make their own career choices by learning about MMK’s production processes and current professions in a game-based format. In addition, while taking part in wellness camps, children are able to learn about their hometown as well as the history of Magnitogorsk and its significance for the country as a whole.

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