24 January ‘22

President Putin awards MMK workers badge of honour for “Achievements in Labour”

By decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the staff at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) have been awarded a badge of honour for their “Achievements in Labour”.

As stated in the text of the Decree, MMK staff are commended “for their significant contribution to the development of the metallurgical industry and high levels of productivity”.

MMK is one of the largest metals companies in both Russia and the world. This years marks MMK’s 90th anniversary since the first pig iron was produced at Magnitogorsk’s first blast furnace, a date which has since been celebrated as the plant’s birthday. MMK made a significant contribution to the Soviet people’s victory in the Great Patriotic War. One in three shells and the armour of every other tank during the war was cast from MMK metal.

Magnitogorsk also maintained its status as a flagship of the national industry in peacetime, developing steadily during the Soviet period, as well as inaugurating the turn of the century with Russia. Over the past two decades, MMK has built state-of-the-art, high-performance facilities to meet the needs of Russia’s leading industries. The company is the leading supplier of steel products for the country’s pipe, automobile and shipping industries, and also holds a leading position on the high-value-added market.

The Russian Federation’s badge of honour for “Achievements in Labour” was established by presidential decree in August 2021 to further improve the state’s award system. This decision was made in response to numerous appeals to the Russian Presidential Administration from heads of federal departments, industrial organisations and educational institutions, calling for a reinstatement of the system of awarding state honours to workforces, which was abolished in 1989.


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