26 April ‘22

MMK Creates Emission Source Control System

Specialists of the Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works are developing an environmental dispatch system to ensure continuous monitoring of the operation of environmental facilities. It will enable the real-time monitoring of the emissions sources and control of compliance with environmental standards.

A steady reduction of the technogenic impact on the environment and the implementation of environmental programmes are an integral part of MMK's development strategy. The company pays special attention to the protection of the atmosphere. In 2018, MMK became a participant in the Clean Air federal project, which implements a comprehensive action plan to reduce air pollutant emissions.

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works, one of Russia's industry leaders in the use of automated systems in production processes, also uses digital innovations in the field of environmental safety. To improve the reliability and accuracy of determining the level of technogenic impact on the environment, the company has previously implemented local systems in process equipment. At present, MMK is creating a unified environmental management system - an environmental dispatch complex covering all production processes that have an impact on the environment.

The system allows for continuous control of pollutant emission sources, monitoring of atmospheric air and water bodies in the area of MMK's environmental impact, forecasting changes in the level of industrial impact on atmospheric air in Magnitogorsk depending on the technical condition of equipment and environmental protection facilities, and under various operational modes of technological units.

The implementation of the environmental dispatch system will ensure that MMK's personnel promptly take appropriate managerial actions in case of emissions exceeding the limit. This will be another important stage in the large-scale work to reduce the company's environmental impact.

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