27 April ‘22

MMK Recognised as Honorary Benefactor of the Metallurg Foundation

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works initiated the establishment of the Foundation and is its main benefactor.

"For several decades the Foundation has been carrying out a noble mission: it does charitable work, programmes to help to elderly people, children, low-income families and many other socially unprotected categories," said MMK CEO Pavel Shilyaev. "It is especially important that this help is targeted, transparent, and it is able to reach a specific person, child, family, veteran. Charity is a significant area of our company's activity, and an integral part of our corporate culture."

The Foundation receives support and charitable donations from 39 industrial enterprises, organisations, institutions of Magnitogorsk and the Chelyabinsk region, as well as from private individuals. The fund brought its partners together in the "Honorary Benefactors Club": its activities are aimed at the development of the culture of charity, creation of an active community of donors, involvement of new organizations and individuals and, as a result, the solution of a larger number of socially important issues.

Commemorative awards were presented at a ceremony dedicated to the establishment of the Club. Along with PJSC MMK, the Chelyabinsk Regional Branch of the Russian Children's Fund, OJSC MMK-Metiz, LLC United Service Company and LLC Mekhanoremontny Kompleks were commended as Honorary Benefactors.

This year the Metallurg Foundation and MMK are for the first time holding a social projects competition titled "Alloy of Good and Business" in Magnitogorsk aimed to solve pressing social issues facing of the population of the city. Companies as well as individuals can take part in the contest.

Metallurg Foundation's achievements have been renowned at the national level. The Foundation was ranked among the top ten among 203 corporate and private charitable non-profit organisations in a 2022 rating compiled by the Association of Ratings Compilers (ASRRO) and RAEX rating agency (RAEX-Analytics LLC).

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