10 August ‘23

MMK introduces a digital twin of its hydraulic system

The Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works' (MMK) sheet rolling shop No. 10 has implemented an automated system for leakage detection and industrial oil accounting at its hydraulic equipment. Thanks to the use of digital twin technology, the system is able to carry out an online diagnosis of the hydraulic system’s condition and reduce the risk of the hydraulic units malfunctioning.

The hydraulic system in the shop spans the length of several kilometres of pipelines. As a result, it is practically impossible to quickly determine the location where an accident has occurred. By the time a fault is detected and eliminated, a large volume of industrial oil may be irretrievably lost.

To prevent the leakage of industrial fluids, specialists from the project office of MMK, MMK-Informservice, United Service Company LLC, and Research and Development MGTU have created a digital twin of the hydraulic system that displays operating equipment in real time. Each of the hydraulic panels that are installed on 15 units in the shop have been equipped with sensors that monitor pressure, temperature and flow. Data from the sensors is processed using mathematical models and predictive diagnostics. All system parameters are displayed on automated workstations (AWS) that are overseen by shop specialists and integrated into the monitoring system, which sends SMS-notifications when a malfunction occurs at a particular unit.  Based on the system signals, employees can determine the best course of action.

The virtual prototype of the hydraulic system enables specialists to promptly detect industrial oil leaks at equipment that is both running or paused, identify equipment wear and tear, and locate faults. The databases in the automated system accumulate information on the real-time condition of hydraulic equipment, based on which preventive maintenance can be planned.

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