24 September ‘21

MMK's achievements in investor relations recognised with international award

On 23 September, Communicate Magazine, a British publicaiton specialising in corporate financial communications, held its annual Corporate & Financial Awards ceremony. MMK was crowned the winner in the "Best Management of Investor & Analyst Relations" category. The judges noted MMK's outstanding investor relations service, the Company's transparent way of communicating with shareholders and financial market analysts, and the high quality of its 2020 Integrated Annual Report.

"We are really grateful to receive such a prestigious international award. Communicate Magazine is one of the most reputable publications in the communications industry, and their award carries a lot of weight," said Veronika Kryachko, Head of Investor Relations at MMK. "Of course, we will endeavour to further improve our work with investors and market analysts, to develop trusted relationships and to ensure the high quality of our reporting."

Communicate Magazine covers large companies' work with key stakeholders: the press, investors, employees, suppliers, and local communities. Since 2012, the publication has held the Corporate & Financial Awards, which recognises companies that have demonstrated excellence in public communications.

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