03 November ‘22

MMK Launches on Ozon and Expands Retail Sales

MMK Trading House, an authorised supplier of MMK Group products in Russia, has launched sales on the Ozon marketplace, a leading e-commerce platform in Russia.

Customers can now purchase a range of fasteners manufactured by MMK-METIZ, including construction nails from 2.5x60 to 4x120 mm in packages of 1 or 5 kg, as well as self-tapping screws from 3.5x32 to 4.2x70 mm in quantities of 100, 200, 500 or 1,000 pieces.

MMK's launch on Ozon creates new opportunities to expand the retail sales of MMK Group products, which have been available on the Company's corporate marketplace since April 2021. The marketplace catalogue offers a wide range of steel products manufactured by MMK-METIZ, such as engineering and railway fasteners, steel wire, ropes and netting, as well as welding materials, including those under the MagWire brand, and other metalware.

The user-friendly interface of the user’s personal account on the marketplace allows both individual and corporate customers to place an order, select the terms and conditions of delivery, and additional services , as well as to obtain the necessary accounting documents. The marketplace offers a broad product range and versatile ordering options, enabling customers to order anything from a single box of items to an industrial batch of steel products.

Alongside the launch of its corporate marketplace, MMK opened a universal call centre for MMK Trading House customers that also serves users of its online trading platform. The call centre provides customers with information on stock availability and order status, among other topics.

MMK Trading House was founded in November 2008 to facilitate delivery of MMK Group's products to end consumers by reducing intermediaries, time and delivery cost. The Company's activities are fully focused on meeting customer needs and improving its quality of service. MMK Trading House currently has 33 branches in regions of Russia and Kazakhstan and sells more than 10,000 different product types and sizes, including rebar, angles, channels, hot and cold rolled steel, galvanised and pre-painted steel, welded pipes, wire, nails, fasteners, ropes and much more.

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