18 May ‘23

MMK Presents High-Speed Digital Document Management System at Skoltech Demo Day

On 17 May, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) presented its state-of-the-art digital platform for business process and document management, called ATACH, during a demo day hosted by the Metallurgy Industrial Centre of Excellence at Skoltech University.

ATACH was developed by specialists from MMK-Informservice as part of a years-long process to create a high-quality document management system for MMK Group.

Vadim Feoktistov, MMK’s Chief IT Specialist, commented: “It is important that today, through the joint efforts of business and government, we are developing effective domestic software for the mining and metals industry. Our ATACH product offers a new approach to document management based on convenience and maximum speed. The system helps to create a unified informational space and save employees' time. As a result, document turnover at MMK has accelerated tenfold.”

The ATACH system automates the entire range of tasks associated with all types of documents. Users can approve, sign, issue orders and monitor their execution from any device without installing an app or purchasing additional licenses.

"ATACH speeds up business processes with a single touch, making it easier for top managers to approve and sign documents. The system’s operations take no more than 200 milliseconds, according to our statistics. As a result, corporate leadership becomes more efficient in managing the business. We have developed a product that is easy and convenient to use, thanks to its well-thought-out architecture and unique interface. The system works for you, rather than you having to work for the system," said Dina Bakhareva, the head of ATACH digital platform development at MMK-Informservice.

The advantage of the platform is that it can be successfully integrated into the IT landscape of any enterprise, including ERP systems. ATACH is easily adapted to a company's business processes thanks to its flexible configuration and system logic.

The ATACH system is currently in use at 49 MMK Group companies. It has also proven highly effective after being implemented at the companies Bobrovsky Quartzite and Krastsvetmet, the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and others.

During Skoltech demo day, industrial companies and other participants presented various technologies under development, demonstrated ready-made solutions and discussed the main areas and challenges of the Centre's work. The event was also attended by representatives of the scientific community and technology start-ups. Participants announced the creation of a registry of domestic IT projects in the field of metallurgy, which will feature assessments by companies that have implemented specific software. This initiative will make it easier for market participants to navigate through existing software products and learn about prior experiences with software integration.

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