16 February ‘23

MMK Improves Energy Efficiency of Production

In 2022, companies of the MMK Group continued to improve energy efficiency at all stages of their operations. The annual economic effect of the relevant projects is estimated at hundreds of millions of roubles.

MMK has implemented and currently operates an energy management system (EMS), an effective tool to reduce energy costs. In December 2022, the company successfully passed an EMS certification audit, and its energy management system was recognized as fully compliant with the requirements of the national standard GOST R ISO 50001-2012. Also, last year, the Company received the international Energy Management Insight Awards for leadership in energy management and energy saving and efficiency of production in accordance with the international ISO 50001 standard.

The most important instruments for improving the overall energy efficiency in MMK Group include the development and implementation of energy-efficient ideas of employees, the implementation of low-budget and high-performance projects (baby-capex) in the field of energy saving, and the execution of energy services contracts. In 2022, the Energy Management Platform (EMP) application received 944 energy-efficient ideas of MMK employees and 409 of them were implemented with a planned economic effect of RUB 440 million. In addition, MMK commissioned 11 baby-capex projects with a total expected effect of RUB 190 million.

MMK is the first industrial enterprise in Russia with a successful track record of implementing energy service contracts. In 2022, these contracts covered a project of an automated control complex for smoke-exhaust drives at the oxygen converter shop (annual effect of RUB 10.4 million), projects to modernize the lighting systems at the power engineering workshop (annual effect of RUB 49.7 million) and processing shops (annual effect of RUB 4.3 million).

MMK's own power generation in 2022 increased by 1.3 MW (0.2%). In addition, the utilization rate of secondary gases in power plants increased relative to the previous year: for blast furnace gas – by 1.6%, and for coke oven gas – by 3.6%. As a result, the reduction of secondary gas losses was 1.26% for blast furnace gas (0.75% in 2022) and 4.56% for coke oven gas (0.58% in 2022).

The Company's systematic work on energy saving and energy efficiency is also of great environmental importance. It reduces emissions, including greenhouse gases. “By improving MMK's energy efficiency, we strive to reduce our environmental impact and make our Company more environmentally friendly,” says MMK's CEO Pavel Shilyaev.

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