04 April ‘22

MMK Wins Three Golds and One Silver at Innovation Forum

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works won four awards at the 25th Archimedes Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies which ended last week in Moscow.

This year MMK presented four patented inventions at the prestigious forum. All of them were highly commended by the expert committee and international jury of Archimedes 2022, which gave three gold and one silver medal to MMK’s innovative developments.

One of the gold medals was awarded to MMK for the development of the "Method of manufacturing of hot-rolled coils from cryogenic structural steel". This rolled steel can be used in the production, transportation and storage of liquefied gases, for example, for the manufacture of tanks for ships transporting liquefied natural gas (methane carriers) or the interior walls of cryogenic tanks.

Test results confirmed ability to manufacture coils of hot-rolled strip with high cold resistance (up to minus 196˚ С) with a combination of such features as high strength and sufficient plasticity capacity without application of special multi-stage heat treatment.

Another gold medal was awarded for the "Method of manufacturing from low-alloy steel of thick plates for pipes". This high-quality rolled steel is used to manufacture longitudinally welded pipes used in the construction of long-distance oil and gas pipelines in northern latitudes. The award-winning method makes it possible to make thick plates with improved cold resistance while maintaining a sufficient level of strength and plasticity properties. In 2021 MMK sold more than 11 thousand tonnes of such rolled products to consumers.

Another innovative development of MMK, which was granted the Archimedes Gold Medal, is the "Method of cold-resistant structural steel plates manufacturing ". This kind of structural cold-resistant steel can be used to produce various elements of steel structures, as well as in shipbuilding, construction and other industries. Test results have confirmed the ability to make sparingly alloyed sheet steel, which has improved cold resistance while maintaining a high level of strength and plastic properties. Last year, MMK shipped 6,600 tonnes of such rolled products.

And, finally, the silver medal of the Archimedes 2022 Salon was awarded to the development of a method of making sheet metal products from low-alloy pipe steel. This rolled steel is also designed for the production of electric-welded pipes for long-distance pipelines. Its characteristics include not only high cold resistance, but also corrosion resistance. At the same time, like MMK's other innovative products, it has a good combination of strength and plasticity.

All these inventions are of great importance to the national economy as they are in demand in the key industries and business sectors in Russia.

MMK has traditionally paid great attention to the development and production of innovations, focusing not only on current consumer demand but also on the future needs of its customers. The development of such products is based on the results of marketing research, decisions of coordination councils with the key consumers of MMK's steel products, as well as direct requests from consumers themselves. The technology for manufacturing innovative products is developed both by MMK's R&D centre and under R&D contracts with Russia's leading research organisations.

The 25th Archimedes Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies was held from March 29 to 31, 2022 at the Cosmos Hotel congress and exhibition centre. The salon agenda had various events including exhibitions of inventions, industrial designs, trademarks, utility models; as well as conferences, competitions, venture fairs and training events. MMK, a regular participant in the inventors' forum, was once again awarded the Certificate of Honour and Gratitude for its active participation in the organisation and hosting of this event after the announcement of the results of Archimedes 2022.

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