22 June ‘22

MMK's Oxygen Converter Shop Reaches New Production Milestone

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works has produced the 250-millionth tonne of steel at its oxygen converter shop.

MMK produced its first batch of processed steel in October 1990. Sixteen years later, the steelmakers at the oxygen converter shop produced the 100-millionth tonne of steel, going on to reach the production milestones of 150 million tonnes and 200 million tonnes of steel in 2012 and 2017, respectively. Five years later, MMK’s oxygen converter shop has reached a new landmark event with the production of its 250-millionth tonne of steel.

The transition in steel production from the open hearth to the oxygen-converter method was an important turning point in the history of MMK. Today, the oxygen converter shop is the company’s main steelmaking division, producing about 80 percent of all of MMK's steel output. It is also among the most productive steelmaking shops in the world.

The upgraded equipment at MMK’s oxygen converter shop enables the production of a wide range of branded products. The steel is used for the manufacturing of large-diameter pipes, as well as products for the automotive, shipbuilding and machine-building industries.

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