29 November ‘22

MMK Wins Priority-2022 National Award for Environmental Programme

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) was named the winner in the “ESG Practices” category at the 8th national Priority-2022 Awards for its environmental programme and climate risk management.

The Company was recognised for the use of the best available technologies in modernising its production facilities and building new state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly porduction while simultaneously decommissioning obsolete facilities. The expert and industrial juries noted MMK’s projects to commission new gas cleaning systems for its oxygen converter shop and its electric furnace steelmaking plant, as well as the Company’s measures to reduce emissions of pollutants, including the use of a machine vision system to monitor emissions.

MMK Group has made its environmental programme a top priority as part of the effort to create a safe and comfortable environment for Company employees and residents of the regions where it operates. MMK also supports global efforts to combat climate change and implements best practices to reduce emissions. MMK’s climate strategy has already helped to reduce the level of air pollution in Magnitogorsk from “very high” to “elevated.” The Company expects to see Magnitogorsk receive “Clean City” status by 2025, which means a Comprehensive Air Quality Index (CAQI) in the city below the level of 5.

MMK is a regular participant in the Priority Awards. In 2021, it was the winner in the “Metallurgy” category for the reconstruction of its hot-rolling mill 2500. Previously, MMK received awards for the implementation of its digitalisation strategy, the construction of its sinter plant No. 5, the advancement of SteelArt polymer rolled steel, the expansion of capacities to produce high-quality galvanized steel, as well as the development and production of MAGSTRONG high-strength, wear-resistant steels.

The national Priority Awards were established in 2015, in parallel with the approval of the import substitution programme of the Government of the Russian Federation for 2015-2020. The award recognises achievements in the development, implementation and promotion of advanced domestic technologies in all spheres of industry and IT.


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