31 March ‘21

MMK receives Archimedes awards for innovative developments

This year, MMK presented four patented inventions and one utility model at Salon Archimedes. Magnitogorsk's innovative potential was highly praised by the expert committee and international jury at Salon Archimedes 2021. In particular, MMK was awarded a gold medal for its ‘Cryogenic structural steel sheet production method’ innovation. This new highly effective production method can be used to manufacture equipment for the production, transportation and storage of liquefied natural gas. Rolled sheets of cryogenic structural steel combine high strength, sufficient ductility and toughness at temperatures as low as minus 196°C.

MMK’s ‘Production method for high-strength cold-resistant sheets made from low-alloy steel’ innovation was awarded a silver medal. High-strength low-alloyed steel sheets with increased cold resistance are intended for the transport and heavy engineering industries.

Another silver medal the international jury gave to the utility model 'Passive Exoskeleton', which refers to devices that facilitate the movement of loads and are designed to enhance human physical capabilities and improve safety when working in physically demanding conditions. The exoskeletons were created at the initiative of MMK's management for those working in the most labour-intensive metallurgical professions, such as workers at coke oven batteries or blast furnace shops. Passive industrial exoskeletons drastically reduce the load on the wearer’s knee, shoulder, hip and elbow joints and the lumbar spine, and significantly increase worker productivity.

The exoskeleton models have been successfully tested at MMK’s existing production site and are now being marketed as a commercial product. In 2020, 157 passive exoskeletons were sold. More than 70 industrial passive exoskeletons have been successfully tested at the industrial sites of major Russian companies.

MMK was also awarded a bronze medal at the forum for its ‘Production method for cold-rolled high-strength steel of various strength classes from two-phase ferritic-martensitic steel’ which can be used in the automotive industry. The application of such a production method leads to an increase in ductility, as well as expanded technological possibilities for obtaining rolled products of different strength classes from steel of the same chemical composition.

Following the forum, MMK was also awarded a Certificate of Honour and Gratitude for active participation in the organisation and running of the event.

The 24th Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies “Archimedes” was held from 23 to 26 March 2021 in Moscow, in the Congress and Exhibition Complex of Kosmos Hotel. The main purpose of organising and holding the Salon Archimedes is to actively promote invention, patent and licensing and innovative activities and to develop the market for new products and services. MMK is a regular participant in this major innovation forum, and MMK's developments have repeatedly won awards at the Salon.

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