30 November ‘20

MMK participates in Global CIO online conference

IT specialists from major Russian metallurgy and metalworking industrial holdings, such as MMK, NLMK, Severstal, OMK, TMK and others, took part in the Global CIO round table "IT in Metallurgy: New Challenges”. In his presentation, Mikhail Veresov spoke about RPA software robotics at MMK. He noted that robotisation of industrial production is not the future, but the present.

The RPA Competence and Innovation Center was launched at Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) in 2018. Currently, MMK Group RPA software robots are an integral element of the execution of many business processes. Robots are digital assistants for employees that enable people to perform their work more efficiently.

The Company’s digitalisation plans include developing the application areas of RPA technology, scaling it, and further integrating software robots with artificial intelligence, data analysis and other promising Industry 4.0 initiatives.

The conference participants discussed new approaches in the field of IT technologies and new opportunities for automating business processes in the metallurgical industry.

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