28 May ‘18

MMK continues implementation of its Big Data strategic initiative

At the end of 2015, MMK adopted a new development strategy for the period through 2025 that included, among other things, a Big Data strategic initiative calling for comprehensive modelling and mathematical optimisation of key production processes.

In order to implement this initiative, a programme was approved for the development and implementation of mathematical models at MMK for 2016-2018, which included 14 projects throughout the Company's production divisions. Two of these were carried out in 2017 at a cost of around RUB 65 million: an integrated system for managing the energy efficiency of the central power station through the optimisation of the technical and engineering model; and the first phase of the automated control system for the operation of steam-generating units in the thermal power station. The implementation of these projects resulted in savings of RUB 31.7 million during the period from August 2017 through March 2018.

There are plans to complete five more projects in 2018, covering the blast-furnace plant, rolling mill No 10, the oxygen-converter plant and MMK's thermal power station. The cost of implementation will exceed RUB 30 million, while they are expected to result in savings of over RUB 40 million a year. Work on a total of 16 projects will continue in 2018-2019. The approximate costs will be about RUB 480 million, while they are expected to save RUB 425 million a year.

The Company is currently preparing a programme for scaling its Big Data strategic initiative for another strategic initiative: MMK-Industry 4.0, which includes not only Big Data projects but also projects related to predictive technologies, the Internet of things and the robotisation of production.

MMK Information and Public Relations Department

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