26 August ‘21

MMK: ‘Just-in-Time Sales’ with a new assistant

The aim of this project is to improve MMK's customer service, execution discipline and the quality of scheduling. The system was developed and implemented as part of the Just-in-Time Sales strategic initiative under the leadership of Sergey Ushakov, Deputy General Director for Sales, with the active participation of specialists from the Sales Directorate. The system was developed by ITC Ausferr Ltd.

The system allows for an in-depth check of orders and quotations for technological feasibility immediately at the point of execution. The ARM (Automated Workstation) for checking order feasibility and error handling developed within the project enables the sales manager and the volume and scheduling team specialists to make prompt decisions on order specification and optimisation in accordance with the technological capabilities and limitations of the scheduling plan.

Throughout commercial operation, the model continues to be fine-tuned in terms of selecting the optimum order parameters according to various criteria and refining the recommendations for the sales manager.

A mathematical model in the system determines the optimal combination of order parameters from the production point of view, and also clarifies whether the order can be fulfilled in the specified delivery period. The information is made available online to the sales manager and the logistics specialist and, in most cases, relieves them of the need for lengthy consultations with specialists from other departments at MMK.

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