26 August ‘21

MMK-UGOL completes technical upgrade of Central Processing Plant

The commissioned hyperbarrel unit is a new and improved technology for dehydrating concentrate. It improves the parameters that determine the quality and cost of Zh grade coal concentrate output.

"Concentrate losses and the volume of moisture will decrease and energy costs will also decrease," Vladimir Kharchenko, Director of MMK-UGOL, said of the new facility's efficiency. "This project also has an environmental dimension, as it allows us to reduce dust emissions."

This innovative project was the final part of the Central Processing Plant's technical upgrade programme, which has been underway for several years. The plant is now one of the most modern production facilities in Kuzbass. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and all the best availables technologies. As a result of the technical upgrading, industrial volumes of concentrate of up to 8.5% ash content have been produced in line with international standards.

For reference:

MMK-UGOL, an MMK subsidiary, is a major Russian producer of coal and coal products. This is a stable, actively developing company which mines Zh grade coal and produces Zh grade coal concentrate, one of the most sought-after grades on the market.

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