26 April ‘21

MMK’s renovated hot rolling mill 2500 sees record production figures

The last time mill 2500 produced over 1 million tonnes of hot rolled products in one three-month period was in 2008, and the level obtained in Q1 2020 has not been reached since 1991. The significant increase in the production figures of the mill, which celebrated its 60th anniversary last December, was largely made possible by comprehensive reconstruction work, completed in 2020. MMK's fully renovated mill 2500 is now one of the most modern and highly productive mills in the world.

The reconstruction of mill 2500 at sheet rolling shop No. 4 made it possible to expand the size and brand range of products produced at the mill, to produce new pipe grades of steel, as well as to significantly improve the quality of products and increase the production capacity of the unit to 5.2 million tonnes of rolled metal per year. Today it is a highly automated plant whose products meet the highest international standards. The systemic increase in the mill’s capacity utilisation further proves the demand for the mill's products. Last November, MMK was declared the winner of the "Main Event of 2020 in Russian Metallurgy" award for its reconstruction of hot rolling mill 2500.

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