25 September ‘20

MMK among the best Russian companies in terms of anti-corruption compliance

MMK was assigned the highest rating, class "A", in the first national Anti-Corruption Rating of Russian Business and ranked among the 23 best companies in Russia in terms of anti-corruption.

The RSPP's anti-corruption rating, intended as a tool for assessing levels of corruption in the activities of big business, included 50 companies that topped the EXPERT 400 rating of major Russian companies at the end of 2019. The rating also included companies that passed an independent review in 2019 of how the Russian Anti-Corruption Charter for Business was implemented at those companies in line with public confirmation procedures.

The rating is based on the opinion of independent experts, who assessed the companies for compliance with the international standard on anti–bribery management systems (ISO 37001:2016) and the requirements of the Russian Anti-Corruption Charter for Business. According to the Introduction to the 2020 rating, "the strategic goal of the rating is to increase the openness and transparency of Russian business."

MMK actively works to fight corruption. The Company has for several years implemented a corporate anti-corruption policy, which confirms MMK’s and its management's commitment to high ethical standards and to the principles of open and fair business, as well as MMK's desire to improve its corporate culture, following best practices in corporate governance and maintaining a strong business reputation.

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