25 May ‘15

MMK significantly decreases volume of air emissions

In 2015, the Company plans to commission the first system of a new sintering gas emissions cleansing complex at sulphur capture system No. 2. Reconstruction works are to be completed in 2017. Overall investment in the project is to exceed RUB 3 bln (including over RUB 1.6 bln in 2015). The reconstruction of the sulphur capture system No. 2 will make it possible to significantly improve the quality of the air in Magnitogorsk by reducing dust air emissions by 900 t/y, sulphur dioxide by 7,600 t/y, carbon monoxide by 16,000 t/y, as well as emissions of such highly toxic pollutants such as benzo(a)pyrene and dioxins. The new sulphur capture system No. 2 will make it possible to clean the entire volume of sintering gases produced at sintering plant No. 2 while operating at maximum capacity. Average dust removal efficiency exceeds 99%, and that for sulphur dioxide – 95%, which corresponds to the results delivered by the best available EU-approved technologies approved.

It is expected that reconstruction of sulphur capture system No. 4, underway since 2001, will be also be completed in 2015. Total investment in this project will amount to RUB 280.8 mln (including over RUB 84.8 mln in 2015). The implementation of the project will help reduce sulphur dioxide emissions by 1,280 t/y.

The reconstruction of sulphur capture system No. 2 has been ongoing since 2013. In fact, this work involves the construction of a new environmental facility: all outdated equipment, which had been in operation since 1963, is being completely replaced with new equipment. The project includes construction of three sintering gas cleaning systems, each comprising two stages: the electric filter and scrubber. The electric filter is designed to catch hard particles (dust), while scrubbers irrigated with lime white are designed to catch sulphur dioxide. Assembling works use state-of-art materials and equipment produced by Sinosteell (China).

The first stages in the reconstruction of sulphur capture system No. 4 included construction of new gas vent pipes, gas flues and scrubbers, made of a modern corrosion-resistant carbon fibre reinforced plastic. The final stage in reconstruction has been underway since 2013 and includes the installation of droplet separators produced by Мunters (Germany) and modern spraying systems produced by Spraying Systems (USA). In 2013-2014, the reconstruction of four absorption systems No. 1-4 was completed, and in 2015, similar works will be completed at absorption systems No. 5-8.

Measures aimed at reducing air quality impact is a priority for the Company’s environmental activities. Over the last five years, MMK’s investment in capital construction of new gas-cleaning units and reconstruction of the outdated ones exceeded RUB 2.1 bln. As a result, atmospheric pollutant emissions decreased by 1,800 tonnes, while specific emissions decreased by 12%. One of the most important measures to reduce atmospheric pollutant emissions includes the reconstruction of sulphur capture systems at the sintering plant, which is responsible for over 52% of MMK’s gross emissions.

Communications Department

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