22 December ‘20

MMK’s mobile app detects safety violations

The main task of the BBS audits is to conduct a behavioural safety audit to reduce the risk of an accident. The app's functions include recording dangerous behaviour or violations of labour protection requirements (with the option to take a photo), identifying the root causes of hazardous activity and collecting suggestions from employees to ensure their work is performed safely. Also, to prevent dangerous activity, it is possible to register the audit results before a safety violation has occurred.

Currently, both the web version and the mobile version of the application developed by MMK-Informservice have been put into commercial operation. The app is available for all structural divisions of the plant. Today, it is also being used in other MMK Group subsidiaries, introducing the procedure for conducting and registering BBS audits. United Service Company also plans to connect users to the app by the end of the year. At present, the app has the ability to record safety violations not only by the personnel of its division, but also by employees of other MMK Group divisions and subsidiaries.

The app was highly rated by middle-level managers in production departments, for whom it is important to have modern technical tools that can quickly register the results of the BBS audit, allowing for a rapid response to unsafe employee behaviour. In the end, this helps to reduce injuries at work and ensures the safety of the Company's personnel.

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