22 December ‘10

MMK galvanized products meet Ford standards

Those requirements apply to car-making products shipped to Ford’s automotive plants worldwide. Corresponding standards are set forth with regard to dent-resistant steel sheets (with deformation hardening and BH-effect) and hot-dipped low-alloy products with high and ultrahigh formability. MMK is now prepared to ship its new standardized products to the market.

One of MMK’s strategic goals is to make sure that the quality of its auto sheets meets international standards. To this end, MMK has been building its cold-rolling Mill 2000 in Magnitogorsk; the mill’s output will be further processed at the premises of MMK-Intercos service center and stamped components plant in St. Petersburg. The first stage of this service-and-production facility was commissioned in late November 2010. It will be supplying prefabricated sheets and stamped products along with stamped-and-welded components to carmakers operating in northwestern Russia.

Introduction of the new standards set forth by the world’s leading car manufacturers is yet another step for MMK in pursuit of the status of a key supplier for domestic automakers and global automotive companies bringing their production lines to Russia.

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