22 June ‘15

MMK continues modernisation of blast-furnace plant

In May 2015, MMK completed modernisation of its steam power plant’s TBM-8, which provides high-quality blast heating to blast furnace No 10. This included replacement of a steam turbine and all auxiliary equipment (reheaters, pumps, pipelines etc.), as well as repair of a compressor. The new unit was also equipped with an automated control system enabling optimal operational modes for TBM-8. The upgraded equipment will not only enable one of the mill’s largest blast furnaces to operate stably throughout the year, but also reduce energy input costs.

At the end of the year, MMK plans to overhaul blast furnace no. 9, replacing the furnace’s cooling units and repairing the lining, which will make it possible to increase pig iron output and reduce cash costs.

Following reconstruction of blast furnace no. 6 in 2013, an overhaul of blast furnace no. 8 was completed in March 2015. The core of the work focused on the blast furnace itself, with all of its components (cooling units, housing, lining, hearth cooling pipes, etc.) being replaced. The upgraded blast furnace now incorporates a “ceramic bucket” to protect the hearth and furnaces’ carbon blocks, which will reduce heat losses and extend the hearth’s service life. This design of the furnace’s refractory lining, which is already installed on several blast furnaces at MMK’s mills, increases intervals between repairs. Automation controls of the blast furnace have also undergone significant upgrades. New controllers produced by Siemens were installed to replace the previous outdated components. Much of the equipment installed at the blast furnace was made in Russia.

Communications Department

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