21 May ‘15

MMK modernises its power facilities

In May 2015, following the completion of adjustments and testing, TBM unit No 8 with a new turbine was commissioned. Not only will the upgraded TBM-8 enable blast-furnaces No 9 and No 10 to operate stably throughout the year, it will also reduce the expenditure on energy resources. In particular, steam consumption will decrease by 10-15%, making it possible to save up to 10 tonnes of steam per hour, or approximately 1,100 cu. m. of natural gas per hour.

In 2014-2015, a steam turbine and all supporting equipment (reheaters, pumps, pipelines etc.) were replaced, and repairs to a compressor were carried out. The new unit is also equipped with an Automated Control System, which enables optimal operational modes for TBM-8. Investment in the project amounted to approximately RUB 200 million, including cost of equipment, construction and installation works and the design process.

The TBM-8 driven steam turbine has been in operation since 1966 and had serious wear. This turbine did not meet the performance needs of blast-furnaces No 9 and No 10 during the spring-summer period.

The ongoing reconstruction of the blast-furnace plant aimed at increasing pig iron output requires increased blast volume and pressure, key factors in improving the efficiency and economic feasibility of blast-furnace smelting. However, reserves for this increase in blast volume and pressure were depleted, as seen during the summer period, when TBM limited blast-furnace productivity due to a gap between the actual and required blast parameters.

In 2012, specialists at OJSC MMK’s electrical supervision department developed and approved the Blast-Furnace Blast Provision Programme, which envisages replacing the TBM-8 driven steam turbine, among other initiatives. Following the development of technical proposals and tender procedures, an agreement with ZAO REP Holding (Saint-Petersburg) regarding TBM-8 reconstruction was concluded in May 2012.

The steam power plant comprises twelve turbo blowing machines providing the specified blast to the mill’s blast-furnaces needed to deliver project productivity. Productivity of each TBM amounts to approximately 4,000 cu. m. blast per minute.

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