21 January ‘21

MMK puts cloud-based procurement system into commercial operation

The commissioning of the cloud-based procurement system will allow MMK and its subsidiaries to simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of procurement. With the help of the Oracle Self Service Procurement Cloud, authorised users will be able to self-order the products that they need. This is one of the largest projects for the implementation of Oracle Cloud Applications in Russian industry.

The introduction of a cloud-based self-service procurement system will allow MMK to further reduce labour and administrative costs for the purchase of equipment, goods and auxiliary materials thanks to up-to-date information on the availability of goods from suppliers directly from online stores and through the application of best international practices.

The use of the self-service procurement system gives MMK the following key advantages:

* improved end-user experience with minimal training required;

* accurate fulfillment of contract terms by formalising the list of suppliers;

* compliance with the procurement process through the built-in procurement approval business processes;

* reduced support costs and reduced maintenance costs;

* fast identification and resolution of end-user issues.

Thanks to Oracle Self Service Procurement Cloud, MMK's structural divisions can independently purchase goods while centralised control is maintained. Employees have access to a convenient, intuitive user interface, with which they can easily find the necessary products and create a shopping cart. This increases the efficiency of procurement processes by boosting user engagement, expanding collaboration opportunities and simplifying, standardising and automating routine transactions.

The implementation of this project was carried out remotely with all the project’s participants interacting in online mode. Improving business efficiency is a priority area for MMK as part of the implementation of its Industry 4.0 strategy.

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