20 August ‘21

MMK: Client focus

Welcoming the attendees, Sergey Ushakov, MMK’s Deputy General Director for Sales, noted that the purpose of the conference was to discuss and exchange opinions, and to get to know customers, both new and old. Development of client focus is one of MMK’s key areas of development. The success of a modern steel company, just like any other major real sector business, depends, among other things, on the efficiency of customer relations. Therefore, both customers who have been working directly with MMK for many years and those who have previously purchased MMK's products from traders but would like to become system partners were invited to the conference.

At the conference, Sergey Ushakov spoke about MMK’s current activities, its prospects and ongoing investment projects.

MMK-LMZ is one of MMK’s key assets. The production site produces premium products that have no equivalents in Russia. Given the high demand for MMK-LMZ's products, MMK's management pays great attention to the further development of the plant and sees significant potential and new opportunities here. Alexey Kuznetsov, Director of MMK-LMZ, spoke about the plant and its prospects, emphasising that MMK-LMZ will continue to focus on client needs and respond to client requests. 

MMK Trading House also plays an important role in promoting MMK products to end consumers. This major MMK distribution company currently has 35 sites in all the leading steel-consuming regions of the country.

MMK is responsive to customer demands, taking into account their needs when developing new types of products. The Company's product range is actively supplemented with innovative and promising new products in line with MMK customers’ feedback and requests.

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