20 July ‘15

MMK’s casting roller plant commissions new blast-furnaces

Construction investment amounted to RUB 138.6 mln*. The mid-frequency coreless induction furnaces will make it possible not only to increase metal smelting production capacity, but also reduce expenditure on electric energy.

MMK CEO Pavel Shilyaev said that the new project makes it possible to develop a workstream that is not only important for the mill, but also for the city. “Magnitogorsk Casting Roller Plant was created on the basis of the casting-forms department, which was to be shut down. We have retained the staff and the expertise, and created a brand new production facility. The plant’s products – casting rollers – are in demand by MMK, as well as on the Russian market and abroad – particularly in Indonesia and Belgium. The plant has adopted European-class technologies, which we continue to improve and develop. Today, we are able to plan the development of new foundry productions based on engineering research stretching back years, which would lend additional impetus to the city’s production potential, create new jobs and boost budget income,” said Pavel Shilyaev.

Preparation of the furnaces’ foundation started in February 2015. In the months that followed, a number of works were completed, such as building the production spaces, placing the foundations needed for the equipment, putting in place internal water distribution and drainage systems, ensuring furnace hydraulics and cooling facilities are operational, delivering high-pressure air supply, as well as setting up the ventilation and smoke extraction systems, the communications network and electric power supply. In early July 2015, the MCRP specialists launched startup-setup operations, which will make it possible for units to reach their design parameters.

The company Uralenergochermet acted as the general design contractor for the project, and United Service Company was the general contractor. Project equipment was supplied by the German firm Otto Junker GmbH.

Magnitogorsk Casting Rollers Plant is one of the largest Russian producers of sheet rolls and grooved rolls made via the centrifugal molding method. The company supplies high-alloyed cast-iron sheet and grooved rolls to MMK, NLMK, Severstal and other metal producers both in Russia and abroad. MCRP focuses on supplying metal producers with competitive products, expanding rolls distribution areas, developing and adopting new technologies that meet the rolled products output needs.

*For reference: As of 20 July 2015, RUB/USD rate was 56.8423

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