19 February ‘15

MMK introduces advanced IT solutions

MMK Group has adopted a broad IT development strategy. Key areas of implementation include an integrated in-house corporate communications system, mobile access to core business applications, modelling and forecasting, continuous planning on customised production and operational management in order execution.

One key aspect of the Company’s internal IT development programme involves implementing the Mobility Project – creating and introducing new mobile applications, such as an app allowing MMK customers to monitor delivery status 24/7 online, providing complete transparency at all stages of order execution including production. This ensures optimal delivery terms and timely adjustments to the process, as needed.

The MobileMaintenanceandRepairsapplicationmakes it possibletoensure thetimely execution of both scheduled and unscheduled repairs, and to determine equipment defects early on. Once the system has been launched, it is expected to result in a decrease in breakdowns and unscheduled equipment downtime, increased equipment reliability and reduced repair costs. Since July 2014, the application has been in experimental-industrial pilot operation at MMK’ssintering plant. Over the last year, the Company has also launched other mobile applications aimed at optimising business processes and in-house corporate communications.

MMK plans to continue implementing this IT development strategy throughout 2015.

Communications Department

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