18 May ‘16

MMK blast furnaces set production records

Blast furnace no. 9 produced 157,490 tonnes of pig iron in April, beating its previous monthly record of 153,526 tonnes, set in July 2013. Blast furnace no. 10 also set its own record last month, with pig iron output of 156,549 tonnes, up from the previous maximum of 154,421 tonnes in October 2015.

Blast furnace no. 9, which has a working volume of 2,014 cu m, was the largest blast furnace in Europe when it was built at MMK in 1964.

During more than 50 years of operations blast furnace no. 9 has produced approximately 80 mln tonnes of pig iron. In 2008, it underwent upgrade work including installation of a Paul Wurth Bell Less Top. In February 2016, a technical overhaul was completed, including a technical overhaul of the cast houses.

Blast furnace no. 10 also has a working volume of 2,014 cum and was commissioned in 1966. In 2008 it was equipped with a bell less top charging system. Recently, a major environmental project was completed to install a dust-collecting system that minimises pollutant emissions and improves working conditions for the blast furnace workers.

Communications Department

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