18 April ‘18

MMK begins modernisation of the Central Power Plant

Steam turbine T-42/50 will be supplied in April-May by the Ural Turbine Works. The contract with the company was concluded after studying the technical proposals and conducting tender procedures. The new turbine will be installed in the place of the former AT-25-2, said Andrei Reshnyak, head of the MMK CPP.

The unit is equipped with a modern automatic control system for operating in optimal modes while reducing energy costs. In particular, the specific heat consumption for the production of one kilowatt of electricity will decrease, which will result in a decrease in natural gas consumption and an increase in the plant's overall efficiency. The service life of the new turbine is at least 40 years.

A 50 MW turbine generator manufactured by Russian electrical engineering company ELSIB has already arrived at the plant's industrial site. The capacity of this turbo-generator is twice as high as that of the previous unit - this will increase the installed electric capacity of the plant.

At the moment, construction work is underway and equipment is being transferred to the site of the reconstruction of the power plant. The installation of the new turbine is scheduled to start in May-June. Then commissioning, pipe-laying and other work will be carried out. The launch of the new equipment is scheduled for the end of this year.


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