17 March ‘21

MMK wins awards for best corporate videos

The annual Best Corporate Video competition, hosted by AKMR and MediaBusiness publishing house, celebrates the most informative and impressive videos shot by Russian companies to promote their own brand or product. In 2021, MMK was among the competition's winners.

The first of MMK’s prize-winning video was Mill 2500: The Second Birth, which explores one of MMK's key projects in 2020, the relaunch of hot rolling mill 2500 after large-scale reconstruction work. The mill was relaunched in July 2020, and in autumn, it was recognised as the main event of the year in Russian ferrous metallurgy at the 26th International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo 2020. The MMK corporate video, shot with the help of the Magnitogorsk broadcaster TV-IN, informs the viewer in detail about the work of the modernised mill and the new opportunities that the reconstruction of the unit has opened up for MMK. The video was shown at industrial exhibitions, on the Company's website and social network channels, and at the Best Corporate Video competition, where it won in the MRKT-video category (the category's target audience is customers and consumers of a company's products).

The second prize-winning video was filmed specifically for its Investor Day, which was held online in 2020. The 2-minute, 35-second video covered all aspects of MMK's attractiveness to investors: premium quality products and high customer focus, operational efficiency and commitment to sustainable development, large-scale digitalization and corporate culture of opportunities, stable level of working capital and balanced dividend policy. The jury awarded MMK's Investor Day 2020 video with a diploma in the IR-video category, which considered videos whose target audience is the company's investors and shareholders.

The series of virtual tours through MMK production plant “Victory Route” also was among the winners of the Best Corporate Video competition. Filmed in the year of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, video tours tell the story of MMK’s great contribution to the triumph of the Red Army, as well as about the history of the plant. The series of excursions received an award in the PR-video nomination, where videos aimed at the widest possible audience were considered.

"Today, corporate videos are one of the main formats of communication with external audiences," said Vladimir Ruga, MMK's Deputy General Director for External Communications, commenting on MMK's victory in three categories of the competition. "Videos allow us to easily and accesibily share updates about the Company's work, achievements and goals. As a modern and innovative company, we pay great attention to our videos and strive to make them beautiful, informative and impressive. The Best Corporate Video awards are an indicator that we are moving in the right direction".

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