17 February ‘21

MMK-Informservice switches to electronic employee document management system

On 28th July 2020, a national initiative was launched in Russia, allowing companies to transfer employee documentation management to an electronic system, thus helping increase efficiency and automating the process of working with documents. The experiment has attracted the particular attention of employers and business owners. At present, more than 70 companies, already automating their HR processes, are taking part in the project. MMK-Informservice, a leading IT company and one of the first to participate in the initiative, has developed its own solution based on the Attach system. This system allows HR employees to draw up employee documentation in an electronic format and work on them remotely. Both the employer and the employee are able to sign the documents through a cloud-enabled enhanced qualified electronic signature (QES).

The pilot programme began in August 2020 and will run until March 2021. Today, MMK-Informservice is happy to share its experience and talk about the capabilities of its Attach HR management system.

Attach is an innovative electronic document management and corporate communications service developed by the Russian company MMK-Informservice. The system allows companies to deal with documents simply, quickly and efficiently. The system's interface is very user-friendly, and its wide functionality makes it possible to work with electronic documents from anywhere in the world.

Attach, which functions as a single digitized system for all business activities, is undergoing rapid development. At present, it is used by more than 15,000 users from 65 companies across a range of industries. These include ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mining companies and many more.

In October 2020, MMK-Informservice successfully switched its employee document management system over to the electronic Attach system. Despite the specific nuances of HR business processes, the new electronic document management aspect was easily incorporated into the system, thanks to the system's flexible software and unlimited functionality. This mobile and effective system, with its user-friendly and intuitive interface, rapid response time (up to 200ms for any operation) has transformed laborious work with physical employee documents into a quick and easy process. This is all accomplished without the need for any additional staff training. The systems allows for:

  1. More than 35 employee documents to be issued in electronic form, including disciplinary reports, applications to postpone vacations, applications for paid leave to care for a sick child, applications for maternity leave, childcare leave, an explanatory note, a transfer order, an agreement, an order to be released from work, a protocol of familiarization, a memo to work on weekends, a recall from vacation, etc.
  2. The approval and signing of documents for employee processes, such as transferring employees, approving leave and familiarization with local regulations and organisational and administrative documents - all at the touch of a button.
  3. Signing personal documents, which is carried out using QES, based on cloud technology. This can be done from a tablet, smartphone or computer, or via a USB stick. The user, faced with two signing options, can choose the most convenient method for them. Thanks to this system, MMK-Informservice employees no longer have to waste additional time commuting to the office, which can also present a health risk in this pandemic era. Instead, they can focus on productive tasks aimed at improving the Company's performance.

There are several clear advantages of adopting the Attach system:

  • Saving between 15 minutes and 1 hour on working with personnel documents. Thanks to the intuitive Attach interface, any action, be that creating, approving or signing documents, is performed instantaneously;
  • Increased labour productivity, along with improved accuracy in employee documentation due to automatic planning and controlled signing and approving of documents, in accordance with labour legislation;
  • A reduction in paper and storage costs, due to the switch to electronic format.

Thanks to the new Attach system, writing physical applications and collecting signatures is a thing of the past. Instead, employees (or employers) now create a template for the necessary primary documents, and the system automatically sends it for signatures and generates outgoing documents, thus greatly simplifying the process. For example, without the Attach system, in the current pandemic climate, an employee’s request for leave could take two days to process. With Attach, it takes no more than an hour. Employees simply fill out the vacation application template and submit it in the system. The system then automatically distributes this to all those involved in the signing and reviewing process.

Since 2016, MMK Group has been using Attach as its main electronic document management system. MMK is also considering moving its personnel processes to the Attach system in the near future, by scaling the ready-made HR Attach system that has been rolled out at MMK-Informservice. This service has been tried and tested, having been used by over 600 employees, and is ready to be implemented commercially.

Any company can test drive the system via the following link: Electronic document management system - development and implementation (is-mmk.ru).

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