16 December ‘20

MMK maintains high position in WWF Russia’s Environmental Transparency Rating

In 2020, the WWF Russia rating included 40 companies fr om the metals and mining sector. Like last year, MMK took 10th place. WWF Russia has published its annual ratings since 2017. Their goal is to help reduce the burden on the environment and promote timely and transparent reporting on the environmental impact of production among business and society.

The rating is based on an assessment of three components: the company’s environmental management, environmental impact and disclosure of information. At the end of the year, MMK took a particularly high position on the third criterion, ranking 6th-9th place. The Company pays great attention to the disclosure of complete and up-to-date information on sustainable development issues: for example, in July 2020, MMK published a report on sustainable development for 2019, compiled according to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. The rating compilers also named MMK among the companies which were not party to any accidents or controversial environmental situations during the reporting period.

The environmental agenda is a key element of MMK's work: for example, as part of the development strategy up to 2025, the Company is implementing its Clean City initiative, the aim of which is to reduce the Comprehensive Air Quality Index in Magnitogorsk, wh ere the Company's main production site is located, to less than 5 units, which corresponds to the definition of a "Clean City". Already in 2019, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment removed Magnitogorsk from the list of cities with the highest level of air pollution.

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