16 October ‘20

MMK Group adopts new environmental policy

This is the fifth edition of the fundamental environmental policy that defines the main principles and goals of the Company's activities in the field of environmental protection. The new version of the environmental policy was adopted in order to improve the Company’s environmental management system and integrate environmental management processes at MMK Group in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2015.

As in the previous version of the environmental policy, the new version declares that MMK will carry out its production activities with an understanding of its responsibility for the Company’s environmental impact and will strive for the environmentally oriented development of its production potential. At the same time, the priority of the Company's development strategy is to create a comfortable and favourable environment for human life and health in the locations of the Company's assets.

The Company declares adherence to such principles as compliance with the best practices in the field of sustainable development; leadership in the implementation of the best available technologies; environmental safety at all stages of the life cycle of metal products.

The new version of the environmental policy defines the following goals of the Company in the field of environmental protection:

• Eliminate excessive air pollution;

• Achieve specific environmental impact indicators that meet the best international practices in the industry;

• Rational use of energy, raw materials and water resources;

• Increase the share of recyclable industrial waste and its environmentally safe disposal;

• Counteract climate change and reduction in biodiversity, as well as restore disturbed land.

MMK is committed to complying with the requirements of Russian environmental legislation and the international standard ISO 14001; to continuously improve its environmental management system; to apply the best available technologies, and to take into account the conservation of specially protected natural areas when implementing investment projects. In addition, the Company's obligations include developing a system for responsible water use and management of water resources; managing risks and opportunities related to environmental impact and climate change; reducing the carbon footprint of products and maximising the utilisation of secondary energy resources.

In addition, MMK plans to implement measures aimed at preserving biodiversity, natural landscapes and water ecosystems; to use raw materials, equipment and services from environmentally responsible suppliers; to monitor compliance with environmental protection requirements for organisations that work at MMK's facilities and to provide information on environmental impacts and interact with stakeholders on environmental safety issues.

MMK Group's environmental policy emphasises that success in achieving the set goals is ensured by the involvement of all the Company’s employees in environmental protection and environmental safety.

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