16 July ‘21

"We are metallurgists!"

The competition, organised by MMK’s Information and Public Relations Department, was timed to coincide with Metallurgist’s Day – Magnitogorsk’s main professional holiday. Despite the hashtag #BattleoftheDepartments, the main idea of the competition was to show what all the divisions and employees at MMK Group have in common, and to emphasise the importance of everyone's work in the Company’s overall success.

According to the rules of the competition, MMK employees should speak about their division’s main responsibilities in a short video, paying special attention to the role their department plays in the overall production process, as well as to congratulate their colleagues on Metallurgist's Day. The competition garnered considerable interest among employees: 104 people, representing 71 divisions of MMK and its subsidiaries took part. During two hours of video addresses, almost 1,500 kind words of congratulations were exchanged by the metallurgists. All participants coped well with the task they were set, meeting the main objective of the competition – to adopt a creative approach and positive attitude. Therefore, everyone, without exception, received motivating prizes from the contest’s organisers.

More than 10,000 people participated in a popular vote which took place in the official "Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works" group on the social media platform "Vkontakte". These votes ultimately determined the winners of the competition.

The winners of the competition were: Elena Shlafman (MMK Informservice), Venera Ilyasova (Crushing and Calcining Unit at MMK’s Mining and Beneficiation Division), Zhantuar Isenov (Metal Structures Workshop at MMK Machine Repair Complex), Anton Barikhin(Operations Workshop at MMK’s Logistics Department), Katerina Egumensheva (Chemical Products Processing and Capturing Workshop at MMK’s By-product Coke Plant) and Ivan Korobeynikov (Locomotive Maintenance Workshop at MMK Remput).

The creators of the best videos won the main prizes of the competition, and the pieces they filmed were included in the reel of Magnitogorsk TV Company TV-IN's broadcast. 

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