16 March ‘15

MMK records a successful year for production plants

The blast-furnace plant achieved record production of cast iron in its eight blast furnaces – 10.28 mln tonnes in 2014. The steelmaking plant demonstrated its best results since 2007 and second-best performance since 1991, with an output of 13.03 mln tonnes in 2014. The oxygen converter plant achieved record results, withits highest output since 2007 at over 10 mln tonnes of steel.

MMK’s coke-chemical plant produced approximately 5.6 mln tonnes of coke in 2014 – the highest production volume recorded since 2004, and the second-best result in the mill’s history.

Finally, the long product rolling plant recorded the highest production in its recent history in 2014. For the first time since the commissioning of new rolling mills produced by Italy’s Danieliin 2005, the plant produced over 1.84 mln tonnes of hot-rolled products. All three state-of-art rolling mills are currently loaded and supply high-quality long products to both MMK-Metiz and the construction sector.

Communications Department

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