15 November ‘19

Architectural plans drawn up for ‘Attraction’ project

The “Attraction” project, as yet unparalleled in Russia, aims to create a comfortable urban environment in Magnitogorsk of a significantly higher standard on an area of 400 hectares belonging to the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. This will foster a concentrated area of modern sporting, medical, museum, educational and cultural facilities, where residents and guests of the city will be able to relax, play sports, further their education and get quality medical care.

This April, a competition was held to sel ect a general designer. The winner was the German company Obermeyer Consulting, which last week presented three solutions to the project initiator - Chairman of the Board of Directors of MMK Victor Rashnikov. Following a discussion of the presentation, a decision was made and the architectural plans of key buildings and structures of the core of the park were finalised.

Victor Rashnikov commented on these decisions, noting that “the project is beginning to take on more specific features. The chosen architectural solutions and the year-round functionality of key facilities comply with best practices - not only in Russian terms, but also in international terms. After implementing the project, we will have an example of the integrated development of urban space, which is new and unique to Russia, and it gives Magnitogorsk residents the opportunity to live in a modern, active and developing urban environment, filled with new opportunities and possibilities.”

“Our challenge today is to combine our engineering solutions with reality. The buildings and spaces we designed should not only be beautiful and functional. They must also have the very best technical equipment and engineering infrastructure. And it’s in these matters that the specialists of your plant provide invaluable assistance to us. They are true professionals, and we’re always on the exact same page, ”said Stefan Jensch, head of the Obermeyer company’s Munich office.

According to Ruslan Novitsky, Director of the Territory of Attraction LLC, construction work will begin in April 2020, and the recent architectural decisions will be implemented. The main task of next year is to construct most of the pedestrian boulevard, which will include the northern and central entrances. The first sites should be commissioned in 2022 by the Day of the Metallurgist: among them - a significant part of the park with a lake, a boulevard and an indoor 50-meter pool with a fitness center.

Specialists from the Moscow Art and Industry Academy, which specialises in the development and implementation of cultural, museum and exhibition concepts of such projects, filled the park’s museum-education complex.

“We’re returning right to the roots and beginning to understand that Magnitogorsk is not just a city lost somewhere in the Urals, in the Russian industrial wilderness. This is an important part of international cultural history, and through its achievements the city is now visible on the world’s cultural stage, which is very important, ”said the head of the Art History department of the Academy.

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