15 July ‘21

MMK continues to integrate its subsidaries into unified information space based on Oracle E-Business Suite v.12

Thanks to the integration, these companies have achieved a high level of automation, allowing them to control and analyse costs throughout the entire chain - from procurement and production to sales of finished products.

"Today, MMK Group has a comprehensive corporate management information system covering more than 460 business processes standardised across eight subsidaries," said Andrey Eremin, Director for Finance and Economics at Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK). "The information system used at the Magnitogorsk Cement and Refractory Plant prior to 1 July 2021 had limited functionality. With the introduction of the new system, accounting for such areas of activity as repairs, projects and budgeting has been automated and the functionality of warehouse, production accounting and commercial activities has been expanded. Integration of all production and business processes into a single system will increase transparency and efficiency of production. The goal of implementing the Oracle E-Business Suite v.12 corporate information system at Ogneupor was set last autumn. This product’s solutions allow the Group to integrate into a common information space, expand possibilities for analytics and control of financial and economic activities, and automate procurement, sales and quality control systems. The implemented system will enable Ogneupor to continue its digital development in line with global trends. And from October, 1, two more companies - Avtotransportnoe Upravlenie and MMK-UGOL - will be integrated into the unified information space.”

According to Oracle's Project Manager Mikhail Mishin, Oracle is directly involved in the largest project to create a unified corporate system, unique in terms of its functionality volume and the number of communities it covers.

With the introduction of the large-scale ERP system, Magnitogorsk Cement and Refractory Plant and Ogneupor received a powerful tool to improve the efficiency of their operations using global best practices and unification of business processes.


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