15 June ‘20

Galvanising unit at MMK's sheet-rolling shop No.11 achieves record monthly production volume

The previous record for monthly production at the unit was 37,451 tonnes which was set in August 2013. This continuous hot-dip galvanising unit has a capacity of 450 thousand tonnes per year and is part of MMK's modern cold-rolling complex which was commissioned in July 2012. The main purpose of the complex is to produce high-quality cold-rolled and galvanised steel for the automotive industry, manufacturers of household appliances and the construction industry. Currently, this unit provides Russian car manufacturers with galvanised rolled products with a group 'C' surface. The technological equipment of the complex includes a continuous etching line for turbulent etching in hydrochloric acid combined with a five-cell cold rolling mill with a capacity of 2,100 tonnes per year; a continuous hot dip galvanising unit with a capacity of 450 thousand tonnes per year and a combined continuous annealing/hot dip galvanising unit with capacity of 650 thousand tonnes per year. The launch of MMK's modern cold-rolling complex in 2011 and 2012 was recognised as "Event of the Year in Russian Steelmaking". The winner of this title is announced each year at ‘Metal-Expo’, the international industrial exhibition.

The commissioning of galvanising facilities as part of the construction of the cold-rolling complex at sheet rolling shop No.11, as well as the launch of the continuous hot dip galvanising line at the site, allowed MMK to become the leader of the Russian galvanised metal market with a total capacity exceeding 2 million tonnes per year. These projects were implemented in accordance with the Company's strategy to increase the share of deep processing products with high added value.

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