14 September ‘21

MMK introduces own business system promoting innovations and efficiency

This is the company’s next step in developing strategic initiatives on boosting operational and functional effectiveness, creating an engaging innovative environment, as well as managing efficiencies. MMK launched a custom-designed Evolution mobile app in 2017 to facilitate sending suggestions on improving various processes in the company, becoming the first in its industry with such a system. The app was later integrated with the company’s Energy Management Platform – a solution enabling staff to keep track of initiatives and their status. As a result, the number of approved initiatives grew while the time needed for their implementation declined, boosting overall results of rationalization activities. The system, however, had its own flaws, as it lacked automated estimations of planned and real effects of initiatives.

The MMK-Evolution business system is a complex and effective solution designed to analyze and prioritize initiatives, implement innovations, evaluate investment opportunities and manage project portfolios within MMK. It offers a unified approach to calculating economic effectiveness and visualization of results for various projects while enabling project planning and management. Therefore, the system covers the full cycle for introducing innovations, from collecting and pre-evaluating ideas to forming a portfolio of suggestions, as well as planning and managing project implementation.

The MMK-Evolution business system took 15 months to develop. The system’s architecture is based on two cloud modules:

• ORACLE INNOVATION – for calculating initiative effect, forming portfolios, as well as post-investment analysis.
• ORACLE PROJECT – for project scheduling and management.

Another important component of MMK-Evolution is our corporate information system based on Oracle R12. It transfers factual data, for instance, economic metrics and project expenses to the cloud to enable automated evaluation of economic effects and post-investment analysis, as well as help form a single glossary for projects and calculations.

MMK-Evolution provides the opportunity for both staff to pitch their suggestions (while preventing ‘cloning’ of ideas and projects) and for management to manually create projects or events within the system.

In preparation for the system’s full launch, MMK has already trained more than 180 staff members, with another 220 employees to soon follow suit. During training users were assigned one of nine roles with different access levels and clearance to view or edit information. A detailed manual for using the system has been uploaded onto MMK’s corporate portal as well as 14 video lessons. The system currently has more than 8,500 suggestions uploaded with detailed calculations for priority projects that are the most cost-effective. The planned effect of these suggestions is estimated to be worth some RUB 6.17 bln. 

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