14 July ‘17

MMK invests over 1 bln roubles in aspiration systems for two blast furnaces

The aspiration system for casting beds at blast furnace № 10 has come into operation in the run-up to ‘Day of the Steelworker’, and in August № 9’s system will be commissioned. The devices capture the dust that is emitted in the casting beds of MMK’s most powerful blast furnaces. If the inlet dust content was 2.5g/nm³, then the residual dust content will be less than 50mg/nm³, and the dust content in the workers’ zone will be less than 6mg/nm³. The total reduction in emissions will be 640 tonnes per year. The new aspiration systems not only help to achieve environmental targets, but also improve the working conditions for MMK’s blast furnace workers.

The aspiration systems at the casting beds of blast furnaces № 9 and № 10 are made up of similar electric filters, engineered by the group “KondorEco- SFNIIOGAZ” (Semibratovo, the Yaroslav Region). The electric filter has two sections and four components which make up its considerable size. It dimensions are: 10 metres in height, 20 metres in width, and 15 metres in length. The overall height of the electric filter combined with the steel structure exceeds 30 metres. The electric filter has a productivity level of 800,000 m³/hr and a 95% purification efficiency.

The construction of the aspiration system at the casting bed of blast furnace № 10 started in December 2016, the construction for № 9’s system began in February 2017. The projects’ CAPEX was RUB 595 million each. More than 1,000 tonnes of steel constructions and 500 tonnes of gas-purifying facilities were assembled together over the construction period. JSC “PO Montazhnik” acted as the primary contractor. The general designer was PLC “Magnitogorsk Gipromez”.

About MMK

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