14 July ‘17

MMK commissions new gas purifying plants

Over the course of the project, two old wet gas purification systems, № 32 and № 33, were replaced with modern dry gas purifiers. The new equipment is designed for catching, cooling and cleaning gas fumes that have formed as a result of work in the two-bath steelmaking unit (DSPA-32), as well as unregulated emissions which do not currently enter the gas exhaust pipe.

DSPA-32's gas purification system consists of three two-modular tubular filters from a new original design with 20 filter sections on each filter and a horizontal arrangement of dust-collecting sleeves; five DR-28 smoke exhausters (four operational and one reserve) with a capacity of clearing 530,000 m³/hour and engine power of 1MW each; compressor stations for the purpose of regenerating; dust collection systems with dust-free systems for loading dust into vehicles; a compressor station for supplying compressed air to regenerate the tubular filters, and electrical substations and a system of combined input and extract ventilation. The total volume of the area cleaned by the gas purifiers will be 1.32 mln m³/hour.

The complex for cleaning emissions from intra-furnace metal processing plants will include: a tubular filter module with 16 filter sections of similar design; two DR-22.4 smoke exhausters with a clearing capacity of 330,000 m³/hour and an engine capacity of 1MW each, and a compressor system with dust-free systems for loading dust into vehicles. The diameter of the gas-pipe supply will be 25 metres. The volume of gas purified will be 214,000 m³/hour.

All these systems are provided with ways of controlling the units' operation and the automation of the technological process. The gas purifying plants are currently 99% efficient and the residual dust content is only up to 20 mg/nm³. The systems will reduce dust emissions by 1,800 tonnes a year.

The contract equipment for the reconstruction of the gas purification works was supplied by LLC 'PO ECOTECH'. The general contractor was OJSC ‘Prokatmontage’ and the general designer, OJSC ‘Magnitogorsk Gipromez’.

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