14 May ‘20

"MMK-Accounting Centre" expands its staff of digital assistants

Employees from the MMK-Accounting Centre have been working together with MMK-Informservice’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) to implement over 15 robotics software initiatives. As part of one of these initiatives, specialists introduced a software robot to help employees at MMK-Accounting Centre generate 2-NDFL (personal income tax) forms for MMK employees.

MMK employees accessing this service still need to apply for help through the "My MMK" app, but now their requests are sent directly to a digital assistant – specifically, a software robot – rather than to an accountant. The robot gathers all the information on the applicant and the coverage period of the document it needs, collects the data in the company’s IT system and generates a form using existing templates. As a result, the accountant is left only with the responsibility of checking the documents, signing the form and handing it back to the employee.

The software robot has thus far processed 4,000 forms in four months for employees hailing from ten different MMK subsidiaries. Introducing digital assistants has helped to reduce employee workloads at MMK-Accounting Centre, particularly during busy periods, and has increased their service quality when issuing 2-NDFL forms.

MMK-Accounting Centre’s experience confirms that robotising business procedures, implemented as part of MMK’s Industry 4.0 strategy initiatives, is an important and effective way to boost business efficiency.

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