13 November ‘20

MMK implements close to 95% of planned energy efficiency measures in 9M 2020

Every year, MMK's CEO approves a set of measures to save energy and improve efficiency in order to reduce energy resource consumption during production. The planned measures are targeted at saving electricity, fuel, drinking and industrial water, thermal energy and products of air separation.

Within the first 9 months of 2020, the Company fully implemented more than 150 efficiency measures, representing almost 95% of all measures that were originally planned. These measures will enable MMK and the Group’s organisations to save more than 5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, representing RUB 16.8 mln over the year. Energy savings have been aided by replacing outdated lighting with more efficient LED lamps, optimising unit operations, and replacing energy-intensive equipment.

Moreover, the latest energy efficiency measures will result in savings across the year of more than 22.7 ths tonnes of fuel equivalent, more than 13.8 ths gigacalories of thermal energy and more than 3.5 mln cubic metres of compressed air and products of air separation. An additional 30 ths cubic metres of drinking water and 2.1 mln cubic metres of industrial water will be saved thanks to the measures.

The total economic impact of the measures to reduce energy resource consumption will amount to almost RUB 110 mln per year. In addition to having an economic impact, the preservation of energy resources reduces the man-made environmental impact on the environment.

MMK Group Press Office

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